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to die until they were over a hundred years old,
Now, since we started to eat that white man's food
we are sick all of the time. We keep getting
worse and soon it will kill us all.5

And then the chief reached up and took hold of
a shock of Ms hair at the top of his head, and he

"Pay/iee/i—hair—the white man has none of this
on top of his head. The crown of his head is as
slick as the nose of a buffalo. Every time the
Indian eats he wipes grease into his hair. White
man wash it all out with bad medicine—soap—
take all grease out and make all of his hair drop off.
Swap your buffalo robes for the white man's
blankets and gunpowder, but take not of Ms food/
said the chief5 cnor of Ms "bad medicine" for
washing your hair/

Then, sweeping his hand towards the tall peaks
of the snow-capped Rockies., the chief said:

*We Nakota Indians [their own name for them-
selves, meaning ^friends5] were raised on top of
these mountains, with the prairies far below us.
The Prairie Indians look upon us as the "High
People". They says "The Nakotas are wise like
the animals; they stay up in the high mountains
where the clear, healthy winds blow/*3

cHoS* This exclamation was uttered by another
Sukslseoketuk chief, who got up and said:

'Though the Nakotas sometimes put fear in the